Data Mining and Predictive Analytics

Data mining is a mature industry in which ERI is nationally recognized for its expertise and innovative solutions. ERI's expertise helps clients enhance efficiencies and performance, especially as it concerns collecting and exploiting the data already available to them. ERI’s predictive analytic capabilities shed light on a large number of data implications that may not be obvious on first inspection, but when realized can identify inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement in the client’s business processes.

ERI is expert in the leading commercial analytic tools, including SAS, SPSS, Statistica, and others. ERI has also built custom solutions with Matlab, Java, and with other languages and tools that are appropriate to the problem being solved and the environment in which they will be deployed. A key strength of the ERI team is the breadth of analysis techniques from employing the spectrum of modern algorithms from neural and polynomial networks, to decision trees and adaptive kernels. ERI applies the right tool to fit the business needs.

Predictive modeling in complex networks such as social, communication, or trading networks is an emerging subfield of data mining. Elder Research has extensive experience in this subfield having applied predictive network analysis techniques to find fraud in the securities industry and understand the structure and behavior of violent and criminal organizations. Incorporating the network in these types of applications leads to significant improvement over traditional data mining techniques alone.

At Elder Research, we help our clients employ the right analytic technique for their specific needs:


9 Levels of Analytics

Descriptive Techniques:
1 – Standard Reporting
2 – Custom Reporting or “Slicing and Dicing” the Data (Excel)
3 – Queries/drilldowns (SQL, OLAP)
4 – Dashboards/alerts (Business Intelligence)
5 – Statistical Analysis
6 – Clustering (Unsupervised Learning)

Predictive Techniques:
7 – Predictive Modeling
8 – Optimization & Simulation
9 – Next Generation Analytics – Text Mining & Link Analysis


Inspired by: "Eight Levels of Analytics" by SAS Institute Inc.



Case Studies:

Elder Research Improves Speed and Consistency of SSA Claims Process Government Data Mining, Text Mining
Elder Research Builds Custom Tool to Help Reduce Fraud, Waste, and Abuse at the Postal Service IG Government

Data Mining, Software Engineering, Data Visualization, Fraud Detection

Elder Research Helps Major Insurance Company Understand Customer Sentiment Insurance Data Mining, Text Mining

Improving Customer Retention and Profitability for a Regional Provider of Wireless Services

Telecommunications Data Mining, Text Mining